2021 Virtual Learning Series  •  •  •  May 18 - August 3

The planning committee for the 2021 Lift Maintenance Series (LMS) has decided to cancel its in-person event for 2021.  As always, it is our goal to provide relevant, valuable, useful ski lift education, and that will not be compromised.   With that said, we are working with our partners at NSAA to create a lift maintenance focused Virtual Learning Series.  This program will consist of nine 90-minute webinars to be held from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (Mountain) on select Tuesdays starting May 18 - August 3.  All webinars will be recorded and available for future viewing to registered attendees.

COST:  $150/per log-in for the entire series.


May 18         A Paradigm Shift in Fall Protection Systems: How Can We Improve Upon the Progress We Have Already Made?
In this presentation Ryan will take a look at what resorts are doing to educate and protect lift maintenance staff from falls from height.  He will introduce and provide an explanation to 29 CFR 1910.28 and 1910.29. (Walking/Working Surfaces, duty to have fall protection and fall protection systems) so you’ll know where the rule is located and what it states.  He will also share real-world examples of how resorts are handling, achieving, and even exceeding compliance through personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), Lad-Saf systems, and positioning systems and how they apply to lift maintenance operations.  Finally, Ryan will review rescue plans and why they need to be written and have training associated with them.
  Ryan Lavoie – MountainGuard

June 1           Wire Rope Inspection from an Expert
This session will provide an overview of what resort operators and maintenance personnel can expect when a ropeway inspector comes for a monitoring visit.  Learn what steps your area can take to be prepared for an efficient, no surprises inspection.
  Jason Zakotnik – Above & Beyond, Inc.

June 22         Office 365: Using This Powerful Tool to Make Life Easier
This webinar will show you how easy it can be to digitize your records. Utilizing Office 365, Zach will demonstrate how to create electronic forms, schedules and procedures to simplify your record keeping.
  Zach Vanselow – Gore Mountain

June 29         Electrical Troubleshooting 201
This class will review techniques that are used when troubleshooting a complicated electrical issue. Mike will discuss the type of tools used and the mindset needed that helps solve these complicated problems.
  Mike Taylor – Budja LLC

July 6             PLC’s for Non-Programmers-Keeping it Simple
A basic look at Programmable Logic Controllers and their functionality in Ropeway Control Systems.  Andy will focus on simple diagnostics of digital and analog inputs and outputs and how they are used in the big scheme of things.  He will also review the nuances of a Safety PLC’s and talk about internal errors and what they are telling us.  Andy will answer your questions and if an answer is not immediately available, he will follow up with you directly after the session.
  Andrew Pierce – AP Electric Services LLC

July 13          Work Carriers: What Everyone Needs to Know
Work carriers are an important tool for every Lift Maintenance Technician. Newer OSHA rules regarding work baskets that came into effect in 2017 are being addressed in the ANSI B77.1 – Passenger Ropeway Standards. The next revision of the standard – currently scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022 – may have significant impact to many work carriers in use today, mostly with old carriers. This webinar will explain what is changing, how to assess your carriers, and steps that many areas need to take to meet these new requirements, including the possibility of purchasing a new one.
   Jeff Peterson – Iron Mountain Engineering
Michael Lane – NSAA

July 20          4 Ways Improve Machinery Reliability at Your Area
Neville will detail 4 separate ways Lift Maintenance Technicians can improve the reliability of machinery at your area from lubrication, to simply monitoring the moving parts.  His experience and insight in failure analysis will be shared, as well as mitigation prior to failure.
  Neville Sachs - Applied Technical Services New York, Inc.

July 27          Lift Maintenance for General Managers
What is Lift Maintenance and why is it so important? The base of this question is crucial as we are an uphill transportation industry, supported by lots of other really important stuff, all for the enjoyment of our guests sliding down a mountain. This critically important session will layout in detail what needs to be known and why for newer managers and provide more experienced ones needed resources, and information that will not only support your LMT staff, but help with understanding the needs, budgets and detrimental effects of losing a ropeway to some failure. A must see for everyone.
ichael Lane – NSAA (Moderator)

August 3      Fall Inspections: The What and Why’s of this Important Process
This panel of experts will discuss the need for a 2nd or 3rd set of eyes to review the mechanical/electrical condition of passenger ropeways, actions needed to be successful, and finally taking advantage of the opportunity it represents. This webinar will be your perfect opportunity to ask questions and hopefully gain a new perspective on the process, share experiences, and provide education to all your LMT staff. 
  Michael Lane – NSAA (Moderator)
  Tom Scully – Safehold Special Risk
  Jason Zakotnik – Above & Beyond,Inc.
  Nancy Ettelson – Star Lifts USA
  Scot Woolfenden – New Hampshire Tramway Safety
  Mike Nellis – State of Vermont
  Larry Smith – Colorado Tramway Board


ANSI B77.1 – The Basics of It and a Deeper Dive Into What Those Words Mean
Mike will provide an overview of the ANSI B77, the details of how things work, then go deeper into what Maintenance and Operations personnel really need to know and why they need to know it. Key takeaways include, how it’s Developed, the Structure of the Standard, Operations, Maintenance, Training, and Documentation. Don’t miss this deep dive into understanding B77.1.
  Michael Lane – NSAA and Administrator of ASC B77

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